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Upcoming Events & Dates

Hello Parents & Students of ACE Place!

It's hard to believe that it's already the middle of May.  We have lots happening the last few weeks here at ACE. We have two camping trips coming up, and a few fun events right here in town.  Our anual Student VS Teacher baseball game is my personal favorite.  And the Art Showcase is right around the corner.  Come in and talk to us if you would like to display an art piece, read poetry or sing/play an instrument.  We were wonderfully surprised last year when so many of our talented students performed and shared their work.






May 15-19

May 15

Cap & Gown Photos

May 16

Cap & Gown Photos

Girls Camping Trip

May 17

Girls Camping Trip

May 18

PE: Outdoor

Girls Camping Trip

May 19

School Based PD- NO SCHOOL

May 22-26

May 22

Division Wide PD- No School

May 23

May 24

May 25

PE: Outdoor

May 26

May 27

 Conquer the Coulee

May 29-June 2

May 29

May 30

Camping Trip

May 31

Camping Trip

June 1

BBQ & Staff VS Students Baseball Game

June 2

June 5- June 9

June 5

June 6

Field Trip to Kayla’s alpacha Farm

June 7

BBQ & Art Showcase

June 8

PE: Frisbee Golf

June 9

June 12-16

June 12

June 13

June 14

All student work due!

June 15

English Diploma- Part A

June 16

Social Diploma- Part A

June 19-June23      

June 19

Grade 9 PAT- Social

June 20

Grade 9 PAT- LA

June 21

Grade 9 PAT- Math

June 22

Grade 9 PAT- Science

English Diploma- Part B

June 23

Social Diploma- Part B

June 26-June29

June 26

Math Diploma

June 27

Chemistry Diploma

ACE Place Graduation

June 28

Biology Diploma

Last Day of School

June 29

Physics Diploma



Have a wonderful Summer.