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What in the World... Will YOU DO?

Hello High School/Grade 9!

I know many of you are starting to consider your options for after high  school. Whether you plan to start your post secondary education, head into a trade, begin work, or travel; we are here to help you decide. There are so many resources available.

#1. You should have a mypass account. This is an account that you set up with Alberta Education. Once you set this up, you can log in and see how many credits you have earned, and what grades you scored in your classes & on your diploma exams. This account travels with you after high school, so when you sign up, please use a personal email. NOT your school email.  To sign up, go HERE!

#2. If you haven't met our career counselor, you SHOULD! Garth can help you make some of those tough decisions. He can help you access funds for college or university, and he knows about all the post secondary options. He may have some suggestions that you've never even heard of! You could have the opportunity to job shadow, or check out some open house days at some of our local colleges and universities. If you want to sit and talk to Garth, you can set up an appointment with Shannon.

#3. There's a really cool event happening in Lethbridge this Saturday. It's called Lethbridge College Coulee Fest. There will be bands, food trucks and vendor. You can even catch a Kodiak game. If you're in Lethbridge this Saturday, September 14th, be sure to check it out! You can find that information on the Lethbridge College website, HERE!

#4. If you got all the way to the bottom of this post, you're a rockstar! 


Call the school or talk to Shannon, or shoot her an email to set up an appointment with Garth.


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