Grades Taught



Brock Campbell


To provide alternative choices in education that assist students to overcome obstacles and develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will contribute to their success, while working towards high school completion.


  • Attitude Creates Excellence;
  • That with the right opportunities every person can overcome obstacles and, therefore, develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to reach their potential;
  • That all individuals are unique and should not be prejudged;
  • That success comes in many forms, can be measured in a variety of ways, and that every person deserves opportunities to experience success;
  • That students who take ownership of their education are more likely to experience success;
  • That there must be a dynamic balance between academic accountability and developing a safe and caring environment where staff and students promote and maintain a relationship of mutual trust, support, acceptance, confidence, respect, patience, compassion, dignity, flexibility, and understanding thus allowing individuals to work to their fullest capacity;
  • That a sense of belonging supports academic achievement;
  • That additional community support services may be necessary for educational success;
  • That success is best met through self-motivation.

The fundamental belief of the ACE Place Staff is that building positive relationships is the foundation for teaching and learning.

Programs and Services

K-9: At Home Learning Program

7-9: Attendance Based Jr.High Program

10-12: Outreach Highschool Program


To provide self-paced alternative learning opportunities within a safe and caring environment by;

  • empowering students to make positive life choices;
  • encouraging personal accountability;
  • promoting educational and personal success;
  • promoting a sense of self-worth;
  • encouraging responsible citizenship.

Statement of Values

As a staff we value students as individuals and believe that success is not solely dependent upon the curriculum.

As a staff we Value;

  • Diversity: focusing on the uniqueness and strengths of each individual;
  • Flexibility: providing students with individualized education and adapting to change;
  • Community: utilizing necessary community resources.